Thompson Park

Enter from Franklin Street


Thompson Park, is an urban park designed by John Charles Olmsted located in Watertown, New York. It was donated to the city by industrialist John C. Thompson in 1899.
The park features a zoo as well as a monument to soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division.
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About the Historic Thompson Park from the City of Watertown web site:

Overview РThompson Park is an Olmsted Creation, located with entrances off the Park Circle, Gotham Street, and Franklin Street.

Zoo operated by the Thompson Park Conservatory
Children’s creative playground
Stone pavilion
Stone stairways
Sledding areas
Watertown Golf Club
Beautiful scenery, vantage viewpoints
Exercise trails and country drives
Tennis courts
Outdoor skating area
Cross-country ski trails

“THE HAUNTING: This Frederick Law Olmsted-designed park atop Watertown is said to contain a time vortex that transports those who discover it to another portion of the park. Eyewitnesses to the phenomenon have reported over the years that the location seems to move within the park.”
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