Thompson Park Interdisciplinary Vortex

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In Thompson Park between the Golf Course and the Zoo.

At Least 100 Years

Legend has it that in this Frederick Law Olmsted-designed park is a time vortex that sometimes transports those who discover it to another portion of the park. Some people report mist-like apparitions, unexplained noises, confusion, nausea and odd visual effects lasting a long time although, according to a clock, is actually only about four minutes. 

Eyewitnesses to the phenomenon have reported over the years that the location seems to change within the park.

There are no directional signs to help find the location and recently, soon after the Friday the 13th, the Area 51 Vortex warning sign disappeared.

“An Acknowledged ‘Supernatural Phenomena’
For years the residents of Watertown, NY have whispered of a strange location in their local park – a location, when if approached at the right time, will make you disappear, only to reappear later. Well, usually reappear. According to some, there are those who don’t make it back.

While this sounds like a fun urban legend, the city of Watertown has recently come out and acknowledged the strange tales. They’ve even put up a warning sign to help visitors remain cautious while in the vicinity of the “supernatural vortex”. If all of this wasn’t weird enough for you, get this – the codename for Nevada’s infamous Area 51? is ‘Watertown’. Turns out that the first head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, who instituted a mind control program was a Watertown native. Spooky. If you want to check out the portal for yourself, head to Watertown’s Thompson Park and look for the big sign with an alien on it. Just be sure to say your goodbyes in case you get blinked into another dimension.”
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