Massey Stone House

1241 Coffeen Street

Circa 1830

Hart Massey Jr.
Born: 30 Sep 1802 In Watertown, New York
Died: 31 Jan 1882 (aged 79) in Blue Island, Cook County, Illinois
Buried: Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Hart Massey Jr., son of Hart Massey, one of the three original pioneers of Watertown, established his farm home on the south side of Coffeen Street just west of the outskirts of this community. Since then hundreds of thousands of people traveling over the old military road from the city through Brownville to Sackets Harbor have admired the stone house that once belonged to young Massey.
Today the property with ts connection to one of Watertown’s-first families makes it of especial historic interest.
Hart Massey Jr, purchased his first parcel of 36 acres in the farm June 7 1826 from James Parker of the town of Watertown for $650. On January 24 1828 young Massey paid his father $400 for an adjoining parcel of 18 acres, upon which stood his house and barn. After that he bought other parcels and on October 27 1856 sold the farm consisting of the present content of 114.6 acres to Ira T Curtis for $5,370.
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Today the house is occupied by the Watertown Chamber of Commerce. Although there have been some modifications and an obvious addition the exterior looks very similar to the house Hart Massey Jr. considered home, and it remains one of the most beautiful stone buildings in Watertown.