Friede's Diner

Friede’s Diner

455 Court Street

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Friede’s is at least the third diner at 455 Court Street. Originally Red Moon, then then A J Diner and about five years ago it became Friede’s.

“Maybe the ghost at AJ Diner is just hungry for attention. It certainly caught the attention of diner employee Robin S. Quintana. She doesn’t know where the ghost comes from or what its purpose is but she is certain of one thing: it’s got to be a male because it’s been touching her buns … and we’re not talking about the things served up with hamburgers.
Other employees and at least one customer report other unusual happenings, such as items that have come up missing and/or were moved.”
“A lot of funny stuff happens here all the time,” said owner April Williams, who bought the diner’s site at 455 Court St. five years ago. “It’s once or twice a week.”
The property, once the location of Red Moon Diner, sat idle for several years before Ms. Williams opened it as the AJ Diner about a year-and-a-half ago.”
From an October 30, 1989 article in the Watertown Daily Times by Chris Brock.

From Instagram: Margolis_Studio
Friede’s Diner, originally the Red Moon that folded and sat idle for
several years, reopened as the A J Diner, and about five years ago became
Friede’s, is a classic “Greasy spoon” that features breakfast and burgers
and gets glowing reviews. You should read them on Yelp – and see for
yourself. The Fretta is my favorite, with home made raisin toast, and the
waitress called me “Honey”!