Brookside Cemetery

Brookside Cemetery

19000 County Route 165


“This rural cemetery lives up to the definition and intent in which it was intended. Its design follows the post 1830 American trend of merging a burial ground with a park setting. It was designed as a place for both the living and the dead. Today, it continues to serve the community
It continues to function as a burial ground/memorial park. As a public park, it is a beautiful place to walk, it offers subjects and settings for photographers, showcases graves of individuals whose names are prominent in Watertown’s history, offers a splendid variety of stone and stonemason artistry and technique ranging from simple grave markers to elaborate mosuleums. The cemetery has graves dated from early-mid 1800’s though today, there is a strong representation of monument styles, from the simple tablet, to the a variety of sizes of obelisks, there are well preserved zinc markers and more. When walking the cemetery, keep an eye out for Kingfishers and herons. Depending on the seasons you mayalso see turtles, frogs, song birds, geese, and butterflies. There are a mix of trees there and you can expect vibrant fall colors. This is one of my favorite places in Watertown.”
Review by Danice Cashin from the cemetery web site: