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In 1799, by the French surveyor Pierre Pharoux first explored the region around Watertown, New York

Runs from the Adirondacks through the city to Lake Ontario near Dexter

“The Black River is a 125-mile-long blackwater river that empties into the eastern end of Lake Ontario on the shore of Jefferson County, New York in the United States. The origin of the name is not clear, but it may stem from the natural tannic acid that darkens the water in places.”
“The river is an excellent location for fishing. Abundant trout, salmon, bass, and pike are present in the stream, and salmon is the most favored.
Whitewater rafting and kayaking are popular on some stretches of the river, notably the Black River Canyon, which begins in Watertown and ends in Brownville. The Black River Canyon is one of few whitewater streams which have reliable flows throughout the summer. The “Canyon” itself is not actually present until you reach Brownville and ends in the Dexter Reservoir.”
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“Watertown was settled in 1800 by pioneers, such as Hart Massey, Henry Coffeen, and Zachariah Butterfield, from New England after the Revolutionary War, and began a 200-year legacy that continues today.  These pioneers chose this area with the foresight of creating an industrial center, which would draw its power from the mighty Black River.  The Black River’s elevation dropped 40 feet in the center of town and 120 feet over 2.5 miles which produced incredible waterpower. The naming of Watertown was after the many waterfalls throughout the river.”