Abingdon Apartments

327 Holcomb at Mullen Street

1908 and 1910

The new section of the Abingdon Apartments constructed in 2010 faces south onto Mullen Street.

“Watertown’s industrial boom at the end of the 19th century created a rising middle class whose population spike necessitated a new building type, the apartment house, which was trending throughout New York and the U.S.”

“The apartments, when opened, were dubbed ‘high class’ by the Watertown Daily Times. They offered janitorial service and the latest upgrades in comfort to attract the more wealthy tenants by offering five-room layouts, and conveniences such as hot water and steam heat. The live-in janitor resided in the basement.”

“The Abingdon Apartments were placed on the National register of Historic Places because they were recognized as among the first to be designed for middle and upper income residents. Until then most large multi-resident buildings were for working class residents and were considered tenements.”

(From a Watertown Daily Times article by Chris Brock dated January 13, 2019)

National Register listing includes recognition of historic status and offers tax credits for renovation that complies with standards that conform to NY SHPPO requirements. There are about 150 properties in Watertown on the list.